Frequently Asked Questions

Tips before attending the session:

– Get a good rest.
– Do not keep the appointment on without eating.
– For a long session it is advisable to have some sweets or drinks with sugar.
– It is important to be relaxed and for that you can bring headphones to listen to your music or watch a series on your mobile.
– Do not drink alcohol or use drugs before or during the session.
– Do not attend the gym the same day of the session as the muscles will be tense.
– Do not to be in the sun at least 48 hours before.
– You should notify if you have pressure problems, poor healing, pacemaker or possible diseases.

Healing care:

– Remove the plastic after 3 hours.
– Clean with water and neutral soap (baby soap or unscented).
– Massage the area well during washing.
– Reapply a new plastic only the first night and nothing else, in the morning remove and wash well done.
– After 48 hours start with the cream.


– Clean with water and neutral soap 3 times a day (make a good massage).
– Apply cream 2 times a day (little cream and a good massage).

DO NOT sunbathe, DO NOT bathe in pool or sea water, DO NOT scratch, DO NOT touch with dirty hands.
Avoid physical activity for 5 days.

What should I consider to get a tattoo?

Above all, it is important that you look for experienced artists with a health license and who work in a studio that complies with all hygiene and safety regulations. Looking for studies enabled to carry out this type of work, health is the most important thing.
Second I recommend that you be clear about the design you plan to make, since it will last a lifetime. It is very important that you see the works of the artist you choose and that they are close to the style you are looking for, if you see my portfolio you will see the type of tattoos I do and if you have any doubts you can ask me and I will honestly tell you if I am the one Or I will recommend you to another professional artist who specializes in what you are looking for. In all cases, I will always recommend each client to try to listen to the artist since each of us dedicates years to this art and we can recommend with experience how to prepare the design to make it a good tattoo.

Do you only do biomechanical tattoos?

I make different styles of tattoos, for many years I tattooed the Oriental style and also Realism in Black and White and some Color designs, which you can see on my website, but at the moment I am more focused on BIO ART because I think that It is a more original and exclusive style for each client. Each BIO ART I do Hand Made for each client, unlike other styles that only take photos from the internet and mount them elegantly.

What is BIO ART?

It is my personal style that has identified me in recent years, they are large tattoos using the person’s anatomy, mostly made only with the use of different blacks inks and some red to highlight elements. The most important thing I look for in Bio Art is a “high impact” on the design along with the fluidity in the body of each client and a great contrast with generations of depths in the skin.

Why your style is mostly black and red?

In the simplicity of working with these 2 colors one can find greater durability over time. As it is known that tattoos wear out over the years and mainly with exposure to the sun, so I look for a style that has a strong contrast and durability, -between the darker the color, the harder it disappear it is over time- that’s why I mostly work with black (the most enduring color par excellence) and illuminated areas with details in Red (a primary color of strength)

Why do you prefer to make large tattoos?

I think that large tattoos look better on the person, adapt better to the body, anatomy and are more durable over time. Very small tattoos do not last in time, since the skin stretches and contracts and that makes the ink expand over the years and lose details in very small tattoos.

Why do you recommend doing a full back and not a half back?

I consider that doing half back is similar to painting a painting in half, you will always see something strange and you will have the feeling that it is necessary to finish. When a great project is considered from the beginning, you can obtain a fluidity and harmony that will not be achieved by improvising ideas to complete an image.

Can I do half an arm and continue it in the future?

ike the previous question, it will always be better to present the projects in a complete way to achieve a fluidity and that the unions are not noticed. In answer YES, it is possible to do only half an arm but it would be good to comment if the idea in the future is to do a full arm.

Can I get a full arm or full back in one session?

It may be possible and will depend on the design, but it will not be recommended for reasons of scarring, it will always be better to do more than one session to achieve a better result.

How long does it take to do a full back or full arm?

It will depend on the size of the person, the details of the design and the pain tolerance of each client.
To have a reference, most of the BIO ART style tattoos seen on my website took between 15h to 20h, several of which were done in 3 sessions.

If I want to do the arm or the back in 3 sessions, can it be 3 days in a row?

Yes, it is possible, but it is not recommended. Consider that on the third day the skin will be very inflamed, and therefore sensitive, which will not have a good session. In case of traveling from the outskirts of Barcelona or wanting a complete piece in a few sessions, the ideal is to do 2 continuous sessions and the 3rd session after 3 weeks minimum.

I have little pain tolerance but I want a large tattoo, is it possible?

Yes, it is always possible to do shorter sessions, the recommended thing is at least 2 hours per session and wait for it to heal to be able to continue, in this case it will take longer but the important thing is always the final result and knowing that the work will last all life.

Will the tattooed area become inflamed?

It is normal that the tattooed area is inflamed and bothers on contact, to relax the area you can wash with fresh water and take some over-the-counter anti-inflammatory, just in case it is very bothersome. Do not apply ice unless recommended.

Is the price of tattoos always the same?

No, the price will depend on the project, the bigger the project, the better price it could do in the session, example: the value of the session to tattoo both arms will be cheaper than the price of the single-arm session.

What do I have to send in the mail to request an appointment?

I would need your name, in which city do you want to tattoo (Barcelona, Germany, etc.) a brief description of your idea, the area to tattoo (arm, leg, back, etc.), if possible, a photo of the area To tattoo, you can send images of my tattoos that you like more and if you want other images, other artists or designs.

Do you do tattoo coverage?

Yes, but you always have to see each case well and see that the end result is as expected. In most cases I can cover old tattoos but in the case of very difficult sea coverage, I could recommend doing 1 or 2 laser sessions to get a better result. The laser is done in the same Family Art store and the price may be included in the tattoo session or make a discount.

Do you send my tattoo design to the mail?

No, unfortunately it is not possible, as the design is prepared for each client and the most important thing is that it will be well adapted, therefore, it will be best to finish details in person and resolve doubts together. My work plan is always to put the whole design together, if we both like the idea and see everything correct, that same day will begin with the first session.

I don’t live in Barcelona, do you visit other cities?

Yes, I travel a lot within Europe, America and Asia. You can comment on your idea and what city you are from, if I have a scheduled date I will ask you for an advance payment and if you do not have dates for your city I will add a mailing list to notify you if you visit your city or a nearby in the future.